Thursday, January 6, 2011


1. Good or bad; the way in which you turn in your work will you, in turn turn out!

2. Your work is never perfect. It can always be done better.

3. From day to day, your work must be improving ---- or your future may soon be disproving; No improvement is the same as a retreat -- for you.

4 If you do your work less perfect than you can, you may soon discover that you have lost out--(on life).

5. Failing to bring in persistent effort, you breed poverty, and poverty is apt to breed more poverty -- for you!

6. Persistent effort, when conscientious, breeds progress, and progress is apt to breed more progress-- for you!

7 During your early teens, you wonder often HOW MUCH the world think of you. Past grade 13, you will still wonder about WHAT the world think of you. Later, you will finally discover, what the world doesn't think of you at all. So, if YOU want to be along in the world at all, YOU had better think of IT!

8. Much too often it is the line of least resistence that becomes the line followed.. namely ...down! But, does that really bring YOU where YOU want to go? (Those who went far enough, never came back).

9. Students do not plan their failures...but some just fail to plan.

10. Quiet people aren't the only ones who don't say much.

11.Beware: many strict formalities are part of life's realities.

12 Remember: Your teachers's job,above all, is to make his assistance to you unecessary... to make you able to proceed independently!.

--Arne Bjerre M.Sci (1925-2008)

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