Sunday, December 5, 2010

Insta Widget Portal Webinar

You are invited to attend this week's "World-Wide-Stringer Webcasts. What is usually reserved for the Upgraded Members is now open to all Stringers. Here is a chance for every single Stringer in the World to get the inside look at the new "INSTA-Portal technology. See what this means to you and how you can help make PeopleString the #1 home page on the w.w.w. The best part is that you can now get a substancial income going for taking part in it all! Join some of the Leading String builders who have all made $1000s in the last 6 months to one year as they share what has only been availlable to the UpGraded Stringers. These webcasts are open to all Stringers and their guests. Register for a session now by clicking a link below:

Wed, Dec 8, 2010 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET

Thu, Dec 9, 2010 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET

Once registered you will receive an email confirming your registration with information you need to join the Webinar. PeopleString. . .Where You Own the Web! PeopleString Marketing Office PeopleString Corporation 157 Broad Street Suite 109 Red Bank NJ 07701

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Make Money with Bing.

Please pass this along to everyone, everywhere; however you can! --To: All PeopleString Members-- --From: PeopleString's Marketing Office--Bing is stepping it up on the String - Now you can earn "20 People Dollars " daily doing a search from the "Bing Special Search Offer"* found on the PeopleString home page. Make sure every Stringer knows just how significant this income source is for all of us. If this is harnessed correctly and shared with every member within your String; we may see more generous offers coming to PeopleString. Realize that 5,000 searches done a day is $ 1,000 in revenues daily in your String. And for helping create this revenue stream, your payout will be at the very least $ 20.00 a day as a free member and at least $60 a day as an upgraded member. PeopleString does not have to be about the pennies anymore! Entrepreneurs please send this thru your PeopleString mailing system under My PeopleString from within your tools button to get this out to every Stringer you have . . . Free members use the network to connect with one another to spread this news.. Everyone should pull out all the stops here by using the PeopleString Network forums and post your status messages with your Twitter and your Facebook interfaces too. Help yourselves by helping to get this message out to everyone you know who is active in your String and every potential person you know who uses the Internet! Start gearing up your income for 2011 by earning your 20 People Dollars each day from Bing. PeopleString . . . Where You Own the Web! * To get this special offer you must start the search from the PeopleString. Homepages ONLY. This "Special Search Offer" from Bing may not be available in all geographical areas. Remember only Bing knows who and where they are paying for this "Special Search Offer". PeopleString. Corporation has no control over who or where they are presenting this offer.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

People Products-Webinars Nov 24 -Dec 3rd

----------------------------------------------------------------------People Products Division WebcastPre- Register NOW for this FREE webinar!!Deliver Your Marketing Messages with the ultimate Tools for Sales, Communications, Recruiting and more . . .-Contact on Facebook-Direct Email-Text Message-Cut out the expenses of mass advertising-Go direct to your marketplace locally, nationally and internationally-Delivers Instant CouponsJoin PeopleString's Marketing Office for a presentation on "The People Products Division"Register for a session now by clicking a link below:
Wed, Nov 24, 2010 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM ET

Wed, Dec 1, 2010 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM ET

Wed, Dec 1, 2010 9:00 PM - 9:30 PM ET

Fri, Dec 3, 2010 8:30 PM - 9:00 PM ET

**Once registered you will receive an email confirming your registration with information you need to join the Webinar.PeopleString Marketing Office PeopleString Corporation 157 Broad Street Suite 109 Red Bank NJ 07701

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

PeopleString & PeopleProducts Entreprenuer Upgrade Webinars

Check this Out. Upgrade and be Part of the Inner Circle of PeopleString & PeopleProducts.. A chance to help others succeed in business, games & networking.

Attention all active members of PeopleStringThere are some great events happening on the String . . .To start off go to PeopleString News and access your NEW Events Calendar and find some of the offerings you can take advantage of this week. You will find a lot of "Live Interactive Calls every night a nd some great resourceful websites too. All the live links are active for free members and the guests and all of the call in numbers are also available to all. The Entrepreneur only event links will be emailed to you as an upgraded member. So please enjoy our rich PeopleString Culture and find out what is going on to enhance us here on PeopleString.Last week on the "String Notes and Corporate Updates" it was announced that the original PeopleString Entrepreneur Membership was opened back up for a limited time. This is being offered to replace some 1200 inactive Entrepreneur members. They say ones loss is another's gain; so this truly has given our newer PeopleString Members a great opportunity that otherwise would not be available. If you or one of your DownStringers wants to upgrade then go to the upgrade link found under your tools button on the home page. you have not already checked out the People Products Platform and what it has to offer, you will want to do that this week. There are many free webcasts available for our members and guests to attend. Right now the Charter Membership is going for $200 for life. However that will soon go up by $50 for the lifetime enrollment. When this launches in the next few weeks, everyone will have to pay for it on a year ly and monthly basis. Right now you can join it for life and be a part of the Products Platform alpha testing program as well. The People Products Charter Membership . . . a lifetime opportunity that is as good as it gets ! ! ! Come and see for yourself how this Bigger, Better, Faster and Easier to use platform can deliver your marketing messages effectively and on target. Join PeopleString for a free presentation on
"The People Products Division

"Wed, Nov 17, 2010 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM EST

Wed, Nov 17, 2010 9:00 PM - 9:30 PM EST

Fri, Nov 19, 2010 8:30 PM - 9:00 PM EST

** Once registered you will receive an email confirming your registration with information you need to join the Webinar.
PeopleString . . . Where You Own the Web!PeopleString Marketing Office PeopleString Corporation 157 Broad Street Suite 109 Red Bank NJ 07701

Monday, November 8, 2010

Need Computer?

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Digital Real Estate Development

Here are the D.R.E.D. webcasts for everyone on Thursday and Friday; the 28th & 29th. These will dramatically affect anyone who wants the reality of making money online within the PeopleString Network. Please make sure you use your Entrepreneur tools and your Social Network site search to get these links to all of your active members down all six levels . . . Come and get the most out of your Digital Real Estate with PeopleString and discover the real value in what you have in your very own hands . . . Register for a session now by clicking a link below:

Thu, Oct 28, 2010 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM ET (open to all)

Fri, Oct 29, 2010 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET (open to all)

Fri, Oct 29, 2010 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM ET (open to all)

Join to help with this development.

We hope to see you on the String,

PeopleString Marketing Office
PeopleString Corporation 157 Broad Street Suite 109 Red Bank NJ 07701

Saturday, October 23, 2010


PeopleString – Product Division Overview and draft Flyer text
We’re very excited about the new Product Division of PeopleString and the incredible opportunities it will make available to each of us. Below is an overview of our new program, followed by some sample text you can use to create a flyer to help you share this new opportunity with others. Be sure to check out the Events Calendar on the PeopleString Homepage for webinars and conference calls that will tell you more about the Product Division. Let’s start creating dollars instead of pennies!
Product Division Overview
The newest addition to the PeopleString menu of the many different ways to make money is the People Products Division. There are several exciting and innovative features to this unique system of Social Marketing:

The Opportunity
If you sign up as a Charter Member of the People Products Division during the “soft launch” period until the end of October, for a one time $200 signup fee (and no monthly charges) you will receive 20% commission on your direct level and 6% on the next 5 levels.
If you sign up after the launch, there is a $249 setup fee per business or product. There will also be a $34.95 monthly fee, which includes a Tool Box plus Facebook Application (paid quarterly). Or, you can pay this monthly fee up front annually for $300. (You save $120)
If you decide to stay at the free level your commissions remain at the 5% for direct level and 2% for the next 5 levels.

Sign up via and upgrade to PeopleProducts within.

Marketing Your Product or Service
Using PeopleString’s patented Facebook application, you will have the ability to offer your product or service to other individuals and businesses in a way that is currently not available. Regular Facebook posts are limited in what you can do with offers and pictures. This new service will turn your Facebook page into a new kind of virtual “website”. And, if you post on Facebook now, your information just goes to your friends. This new application will allow the information to be sent to friends of friends, which greatly multiplies the number of people that can be reached.

Sign up via and upgrade to PeopleProducts within.

Using the Tools
By using your PeopleString/Facebook app you will be able to deliver instant coupons and instant offers to your current or new customers.
Say you are “Joe’s Pizza Parlor”. If, in the middle of the afternoon, you see that you are having a slow day, you can put up a short term special offer “$5.00 off if you order a pizza in the next two hours”. Your customer doesn’t need to print out a coupon, they can just phone or email or text their order, using the coupon code you give them, or they can come down to the Pizza Parlor and show the coupon code with their cell phone. It’s kind of a combination of Groupon and Ebay, only easier, faster and cheaper.
With this tool the business owner can text, email and post on PeopleString and/or Facebook to their current customers, and urge new customers to sign up and receive these instant offers or coupons when they are posted

Sign up Now via then upgrade to PeopleProducts within.
Draft Flyer text
Social Marketing for Everyone!
This Is The Future Of Marketing/Advertising!
The Ultimate Recruiting & Marketing/Advertising Tool for any Business!
Small, Medium, Large, or Home Based Business! Compete with the “Big Boys” Online
Cheaper, Better and Faster Way to Deliver Your Message!
One of a Kind, Innovative, Marketing Application and Platform!
PeopleString will bring Social Marketing to your business in one easy application:
Allow any business to have their own Facebook application, which will highlight their products and services and deliver “Hot Deals & Specials” to potential local or global customers.

Sign up via and upgrade to PeopleProducts within.

Unprecedented Contact with your Customers:
Deliver instant coupons and instant offers to your current or new customers.
State of the art email and text messaging capabilities, cell phone marketing, plus more.
We took the concept of “Groupon” and we made it better, easier and cheaper by utilizing our proprietary marketing tools.
PeopleString is the only company with this marketing technology:
Create instant applications on Peoplestring/Facebook to reach your customers cheaper and faster than traditional media and coupon mailers. Our user interface is easy, so you can customize your personal app. Tell your customers to install this app on their computer or phone so they will see your coupons and offers first. Also, receive innovative custom landing pages, an online store or E-commerce gateway, plus much more. You will compete with the “Big Boys” Online

Sign Up via and upgrade to PeopleProducts within.
The Opportunity is Now!
People Products “soft launch” ends at the end of October 2010:
A Charter Membership is $200 setup fee, with no monthly fees for the first year.
This includes the many other benefits of PeopleString.
After Launch:
$249 setup fee per business/product on all apps and usage
$34.95/monthly fee - Includes Tool Box plus Application (paid quarterly)
12 times $34.95 equals $420
Or, pay this monthly fee up front annually for $300 (You save $120)
PeopleString is a totally free site and the upgrade is optional. You will make money even if you sign up for free!
Create Dollars Instead of Pennies!
Customize The Following Flyer
Create Dollars Instead of Pennies!

Sign up via then up grade into the PeopleProducts within.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

People Products-Webinars Nov 24 -Dec 3rd

Take the time to hear a Message from the CEO about this potential Billion Dollar Spin Off & Business Model. Find out more about this "E - Commerce Turnkey Platform" for any business to launch their products, services and/or gain targeted markets' business online... both within the PeopleString Social Network and other Social Networks with "New Innovative Proprietary Technology" and much much more! See how a start up or existing business can customize their commission structure and build private networks. See the technology come to life in a presentation that brings the Technology to paper for a clearer picture of this fantastic future division. See an e asy way for any local businesses to interact with their customers on social networks with the new local app technology. This PeopleString Division; aka The People Products Division, has been structured with a limited number of Charter Memberships and/or Entrepreneur Memberships. When they are gone they are gone! Are you going to be among those who see the future today? Act on the information and become an integral part of a major trend that is developing at this very moment! Register for a session now by clicking a link below:
Wed, Dec 1, 2010 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM ET

Wed, Dec 1, 2010 9:00 PM - 9:30 PM ET

Fri, Dec 3, 2010 8:30 PM - 9:00 PM ET

Once registered you will receive an email confirming your registration with information you need to join the Webinar. Remember that this Premium Membership is a separate division because many members have a competing business that might prohibit them. It is also intended only for those interested in People Products and its Entrepreneurs. PeopleString's Motto on the Products Division is this.... If it's for you, do it. If it is not, then don't do it! Either way I hope to see you then.Sincerely, Bruce Bruce Van HeelPeopleString Marketing Office PeopleString Corporation 157 Broad Street Suite 109 Red Bank NJ 07701Sales@PeopleString.Com

To Sign up for PeopleProducts: Click via and upgrade to within.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Half Price Gas Tables

. Here is the tables to explain the FillerUpClub deal. You buy the Voucher certificate ONE time. Half is returned as rebate and the rest is an automatic voucher rollover for six month intervals in perpetuity. Each voucher is divided into smaller units so you can mail receipts weekly and get the rebate check on the 15th of the next month. The Tables shows the basic principle of how it works.Basically a comparison of your Normal Retail investment vs The Total Rebate investment program.The rebates are actually paid monthly but shown as every 6 months for simplicity. . You can also invite others to join to share the benefits as well. Thanks


Drink Well – Live Long Black*Grape is a Powerful combination of Natural Ingredients that promote Total Body Wellness, Increased Metabolism and Natural Energy.
Metabolism... Like an Extra 20 Minutes on the Treadmill Black*Grape's Proprietary blend of L-Leucine, Green Tea Extract, Resveratrol and Vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic Acid) are naturally occurring nutrients that when combined together help promote increased metabolism and health. Now you can Burn up to 200 calories a day more by just drinking the combination of the right nutrients found in Black*Grape.
Natural Energy Black*Grape will give you that extra boost when you need it. A blend of B Vitamins, Taurine, Green Tea Extract, Guarana Seed Extract and Natural Caffeine gives you that pick me up when you need it -- without the crash. Black*Grape has as much natural caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee.
Power of Resveratrol Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant produced by plants to attack pathogens, foreign bacteria and environmental stresses. Some of the richest sources of Resveratrol are the skins of red or dark grapes and Japanese Knotweed. Independent researchers have found that Resveratrol protects cells from free radicals and acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-mutagen. Recent studies suggest Resveratrol improves performance of the brain and heart, and promotes cellular longevity. Many nutritionists and health professionals encourage those with poor immune systems or those recovering from illness to consume foods with Resveratrol. As an entirely natural plant compound, it is a perfectly safe addition to any healthy diet.
Turn on your Body... Turn off your TongueYour tongue is probably your biggest enemy when trying to stick to any diet. The fact is your tongue is a pleasure center that stimulates the brain while you are eating. How often have you felt full, but your mouth still craves food? The Resveratrol and Green Tea Extract in Black*Grape work together to Turn Off Your Tongue. Did you ever notice that when you drink a glass of red wine with dinner you tend to eat less and have a dry feeling on your tongue? The same thing happens when you have a cup of Green Tea. Drinking 1/2 a can of Black*Grape 10 minutes before your meal can help you eat less and stick to your diet by helping turn off your tongue.

Order Black Grape
24 - 8.4 oz (250 ml) cans:
Number of cases: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
View My Cart

Black*Grape Discount via PeopleString
These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Canada, Aside from being the second largest land area on earth and one-tenth the population of the USA It is mainly,

# 1 of Natural Resources, mainly Potash,

# 1 Gold Metals in the 2010 Winter Olympics

# 1 Travel Destination

# 1 On Twitter.s Retweet Rank (J.B. as 9/14/2010) of Stratford, ON

# 1 Ally that stands up with the Americans when no one else will. I am Sure this makes its Citizens "Proudly Canadian"

Here is a list of Canadian Companies that I use that would make any online Business Proud:
Toronto, ON
Montreal, QC
Saint John, NB
Quispamsis, NB
Saint Johns, NB

Monday, September 13, 2010

FREE AlertPay

AlertPay is an online payment business that is privately owned and operated. AlertPay’s online payment system provides companies and individuals with the ability to pay and receive payments entirely online, allowing for rapid transfer of funds. AlertPay users have the capability to transfer funds without making public any financial or personal information about themselves, the recipient, or the transaction.' AlertPay also has a referral Program in which that pay its users for referrals!
AlertPay is registered as an official corporation in both the United States and Canada. AlertPay is a Montreal-based online payment platform that specializes in making and accepting secure e-wallet and credit card payments. The Company has 4.5 million members and offers its services in 197 countries and in 23 different currencies. More than 15,000 merchants use AlertPay as a one-stop-shop solution to accepting payments. The Company also offers foreign exchange services, localized banking, fraud prevention, email invoicing, mass and single remittances and business management tools. AlertPay complies with the strict rules that regulate the online payment industry, such those of the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada(OSFI), making its services reliable and secure.

At AlertPay they are committed fully to the notion of knowing your customer on a personal level. This ensures a safe, secure program for all of the AlertPay accounts. Respect for their clients privacy is an important part of what has made AlertPay one of the leading companies in online payment. They stand by their stated Privacy Policy to ensure that each customer’s identity is known only to them.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Income In Your Sleep !!

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Here 's is a way to help others. Register and invest($25.00 loan+$3.75 Kiva Donation(Servicing Fee)=$28.75 Minimum Investment. Risk? 98.71% PayBack rate with average 9%). Watch your investments grow with pay back returns to re-lend again.
About Kiva Kiva is a non-profit that allows you to lend as little as $25 to allow-income entrepreneur from across the globe. You pick who you want tolend to - whether it’s a baker in Afghanistan or a goat herder inUganda. As they repay their loan, you get paid back and can lend tosomeone else. It's a powerful, sustainable, and fun way to empowerindividuals to lift themselves out of poverty. To check out loans on Kiva, visit the link below: ( ) &/or Make a DONATION

Thanks,The Kiva Team

HenningBjerre's Loans