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PeopleString – Product Division Overview and draft Flyer text
We’re very excited about the new Product Division of PeopleString and the incredible opportunities it will make available to each of us. Below is an overview of our new program, followed by some sample text you can use to create a flyer to help you share this new opportunity with others. Be sure to check out the Events Calendar on the PeopleString Homepage for webinars and conference calls that will tell you more about the Product Division. Let’s start creating dollars instead of pennies!
Product Division Overview
The newest addition to the PeopleString menu of the many different ways to make money is the People Products Division. There are several exciting and innovative features to this unique system of Social Marketing:

The Opportunity
If you sign up as a Charter Member of the People Products Division during the “soft launch” period until the end of October, for a one time $200 signup fee (and no monthly charges) you will receive 20% commission on your direct level and 6% on the next 5 levels.
If you sign up after the launch, there is a $249 setup fee per business or product. There will also be a $34.95 monthly fee, which includes a Tool Box plus Facebook Application (paid quarterly). Or, you can pay this monthly fee up front annually for $300. (You save $120)
If you decide to stay at the free level your commissions remain at the 5% for direct level and 2% for the next 5 levels.

Sign up via and upgrade to PeopleProducts within.

Marketing Your Product or Service
Using PeopleString’s patented Facebook application, you will have the ability to offer your product or service to other individuals and businesses in a way that is currently not available. Regular Facebook posts are limited in what you can do with offers and pictures. This new service will turn your Facebook page into a new kind of virtual “website”. And, if you post on Facebook now, your information just goes to your friends. This new application will allow the information to be sent to friends of friends, which greatly multiplies the number of people that can be reached.

Sign up via and upgrade to PeopleProducts within.

Using the Tools
By using your PeopleString/Facebook app you will be able to deliver instant coupons and instant offers to your current or new customers.
Say you are “Joe’s Pizza Parlor”. If, in the middle of the afternoon, you see that you are having a slow day, you can put up a short term special offer “$5.00 off if you order a pizza in the next two hours”. Your customer doesn’t need to print out a coupon, they can just phone or email or text their order, using the coupon code you give them, or they can come down to the Pizza Parlor and show the coupon code with their cell phone. It’s kind of a combination of Groupon and Ebay, only easier, faster and cheaper.
With this tool the business owner can text, email and post on PeopleString and/or Facebook to their current customers, and urge new customers to sign up and receive these instant offers or coupons when they are posted

Sign up Now via then upgrade to PeopleProducts within.
Draft Flyer text
Social Marketing for Everyone!
This Is The Future Of Marketing/Advertising!
The Ultimate Recruiting & Marketing/Advertising Tool for any Business!
Small, Medium, Large, or Home Based Business! Compete with the “Big Boys” Online
Cheaper, Better and Faster Way to Deliver Your Message!
One of a Kind, Innovative, Marketing Application and Platform!
PeopleString will bring Social Marketing to your business in one easy application:
Allow any business to have their own Facebook application, which will highlight their products and services and deliver “Hot Deals & Specials” to potential local or global customers.

Sign up via and upgrade to PeopleProducts within.

Unprecedented Contact with your Customers:
Deliver instant coupons and instant offers to your current or new customers.
State of the art email and text messaging capabilities, cell phone marketing, plus more.
We took the concept of “Groupon” and we made it better, easier and cheaper by utilizing our proprietary marketing tools.
PeopleString is the only company with this marketing technology:
Create instant applications on Peoplestring/Facebook to reach your customers cheaper and faster than traditional media and coupon mailers. Our user interface is easy, so you can customize your personal app. Tell your customers to install this app on their computer or phone so they will see your coupons and offers first. Also, receive innovative custom landing pages, an online store or E-commerce gateway, plus much more. You will compete with the “Big Boys” Online

Sign Up via and upgrade to PeopleProducts within.
The Opportunity is Now!
People Products “soft launch” ends at the end of October 2010:
A Charter Membership is $200 setup fee, with no monthly fees for the first year.
This includes the many other benefits of PeopleString.
After Launch:
$249 setup fee per business/product on all apps and usage
$34.95/monthly fee - Includes Tool Box plus Application (paid quarterly)
12 times $34.95 equals $420
Or, pay this monthly fee up front annually for $300 (You save $120)
PeopleString is a totally free site and the upgrade is optional. You will make money even if you sign up for free!
Create Dollars Instead of Pennies!
Customize The Following Flyer
Create Dollars Instead of Pennies!

Sign up via then up grade into the PeopleProducts within.

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