Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Healthy Living-Welcome To PeopleString

Hi PeopleString is a Social Media Portal that allows its users to part-take in social activities and share in its ad revenue making it fun and entertaining. If you have not done so already, sign up via http://pupilstring.net/ ,check out the PeopleString, Training center(http://bit.ly/DrLenny & http://PSUniversity.com), FAQ's (http://peoplestring.com/faq/answers.php?id=5) News, and Webinar Series in how to make the most out of PeopleString. Click on the Events Calender and select the Webinar Series you want to watch., register and watch it at the scheduled time. To confirm your Email: Usually a link has already been sent to your Email to confirm. If not then go to "Settings" in you PeopleString home page; a menu slides down. Click on "PeopleString Settings"; a "User Info" page appears. Click on in small red print "Email Unconfirmed", next to the "Alternative Email Address" box, which sends a link to that Email address. Go to that Email and click on that enclosed link which confirms that email and sends you back to PeopleString home page. That is an instant 10 cent earning. To confirm your Snail mail:(login then Click http://peoplestring.com/main/confirm/?id=1 ) or Go to "Mailbox Cashbox" on survey and answer "30 Questions to Start Earning Money" .PeopleString Corporation will mail you a Postcard with your unique "Supercode" which you need to enter to confirm or to activate. That is another $1.50 Earning. Don't forget the Rebate "Shopping and "People Dollar" deals on your left hand side where you can save and earn more money.There is also included a BlackGrapestore/opportunity. Then Check out the "Prize Wheel" in the upper right hand side of your PeopleString home page where you can spin the wheel to win extra "People Points" (PP's) in addition to 50 cents for every new person you add to your string. It even includes chances to win "Dollar Prizes". For additional Gaming, Triple M ,to Play Internet GAMES (RewardString)for FUN! especially if you have mobile apps. So again check it all out and Happy Stringing:)alt