Sunday, June 19, 2011

PeopleDeals-ShareItUp Media Article

May 17, 2011By Kris Ashton, Daily Deal Media
While Facebook was busy secretly dishing the dirt on Google and dealing with the fallout another, albeit much smaller, social media site has been at work creating their own deals platform. PeopleString has announced the launch of their free social coupon platform focused toward small businesses. Merchants can "Set Up" aaPeopleDeals business account that allows them to create their own ShareItUp offer and have it posted in the PeopleDeals deal listing. There’s also a paid version called the PeopleDeals “Ultimate” account that provides a full service social media-marketing program for $199 per month.
On the consumer side of things, ShareItUp coupons go up in value the more they are shared and sharing can include your Facebook friends or Twitter followers.
“PeopleDeals now offers businesses the level of service they need to build their social marketing initiatives. Additionally, our service creates almost a micro group buying platform for businesses who have lower cost goods and services that would not lend themselves to the more traditional group buying platforms. Businesses can choose our free platform or one of our premium services that make social media marketing available to almost any business regardless of their size and budget,” stated Darin Myman, PeopleString’s President and CEO. “We are very excited to have over 1,500 ‘Feet on the Street’ ready to start selling PeopleDeals this week.”
A business example information can be found at or you can also visit
to learn more about the “Ultimate,” “Pro”, "Profile" and “Basic” accounts

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