Friday, December 15, 2017

Livingroom Theaters

Taking a walk up tenth avenue past Powell's bookstores, I stumbled upon a little treasure, a small seven movie theater complex showing independent films of great works of history, classic literature and some of today's social culture. Imagine coming in from a hard days work and selecting a movie, getting the ticket, follow up with fries with ketchup with a bottle of wine and relax on a recliner eating, drinking and relaxing as the world moves by. Whether it's movie show like "Wakefield","The Beguiled", "Divine Order", it's always about some interesting aspect of real life. A little unique compared to what is shown in mainstream theaters. ie "Cool place for a movie night out. Big, comfortable chairs with lots of leg room in an intimate size theatre where all seats are good. Although I do not prefer the up-front rows which are too close to the screen for me. Excellent screen resolution with a great sound and the theatre will rock you as you sit back with some good eats, wine and beer. Been here many times and it is always one of my "Fav" movie theatre.

We saw Battle of the Sexes which follows the events of a true story of Bobby Riggs (gambler and former pro tennis player) calling out Billie Jean King (super pro tennis player) into an exhibition match "Men vs. Woman"in 1973. I remember the hype leading up to the match. Riggs said "the best way to handle women is to keep them pregnant and barefoot." Who wins the match in front of 30,000 fans at the Houston Astrodome? Go see a very compelling and entertaining movie with a cast of stars.  Great movie to catch in the Living Room.

You can pick your seats and order tickets on line. Show up a few minutes before show time to line up for treats and drinks, then walk in and find your reserved seats. Come early and chill at the Living Room bar. Cool!" " I watched a movie here one night since I was traveling alone, and it was so fun! I got there in time for happy hour and had a glass of wine and a small bowl of popcorn. Everyone was super friendly and it really does feel like you're watching a movie in your living room...but much bigger and with nicer chairs!" ~Yelp Reviews. So get on down before your favorite movie passes by.

Living Room Theaters


341 SW 10th Ave Portland, OR 97205

Friday, December 8, 2017

Coffee Time PDX

Don't you just want to be in a quiet place where wifi is free and where you can write that letter to your Mom, telling all the exciting experiences you had in Portland. Screen plays, novels you've written. Then take a break, sip some coffee and play some chess and back to work then take another cup of coffee doing the homefree stretch before the days end. Coffee comes in drip, mucha and latte  and comes in Small 8 fl oz, Medium 12 fl oz, and Large 16 fl oz. Seconds are always free in house along with every eleventh purchase.. You have to punch out 10 holes and the eleventh is free. The rest is from $2 to $5/Cup.  Studies have shown that drinking coffee and playing chess tends to strengthen mind and longevity., Not to mention Excellent Yelp reviews: ie " I'm a regular at "Coffee Time". Their Food and Coffee is great and the people is even better. So when it is time, always go to "Coffee Time get the best spot before it runs out.

Coffee Time 503-497-1090

712 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97209

Friday, December 1, 2017

Merry Christmas Pioneer Square

  It's a perfect picture, the seventy five foot tree is up and is getting decorated. Silver bells rings as shoppers hustle to cozy shops surrounding it. The post office is bustling as they mail gifts that Santa and his reindeer left as he attends to kids and their Christmas dreams.  Merry Christmas to Portland's Living Room. People are shopping online and walking at the same time in meeting all the best deals. There is Target, Nordstrom's, Lord & Taylor's Fifth Ave, etc.  We just had Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Church Donation Sunday, Cyber Monday and now Giving Tuesday.  This Christmas spirit will continue 'til December 25th Christmas Day! So stop on down and feel the Pioneer Square's "Merry Christmas" Spirit before it flashes away into the New Year !

See the Pioneer Place on the square pdx. SW Yamhill St, Portland, OR 97205

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Uptown Grocery

   Just thinking of that up town grocery where fruits, vegetables, and delicacies are in perfect display usually brought in the same day. They pick the best produce and brings it uptown here for us to enjoy. The Rainier Cherries are the biggest, juiciest. Peaches are huge and ready to burst with flavored ripeness. Not to mention locally grown strawberries, blueberries, and grapes.  The meat deli has freshly cooked ham, beef ribs, chicken, beef stroganoff, cabbage rolls, amongst other tasty delights. In fact you can make any delightful tasty meal with ingredients here along with the best  selection of locally grown wines. I usually get beef stroganoff, cabbage rolls, some chicken, and some blueberries before going to the checkout where I'm greeted with a kindly "Hello" from finely dressed cashier who tallies it all up. Then with a chip inserted card its all paid, I get receipt, groceries bagged and done ready to go. Such exquisite time and efficiency as always.  This is Northwest Portland's number one rated deli, fresh produce, and flower store. Everyone loves it according to Yelp. ie

"Clean, quick, and helpful staff ! Recently moved to this area and have been having the poke bar for lunch waaaaay to often!

I love the selection the fish and other goodies to put in my poke bowl. Also the fact that I get to do it all my self.

The coffee here is also very solid. Very consistent and friendly staff. They get kinda busy so make sure to account for a little extra time.

Being that I drink a lot of wine especially local Oregon wine I love coming here due to the fact that they have a large and local wine selection. With very competitive prices !

Keep doing what you do ! Thanks again!" ~ Frankie D.

Fresh produce is always there, beautifully arranged, but varieties changes with the seasons so stop by soon and often to enjoy nature's peak best before it passes away to the next season.


2340 West Burnside Street  Portland OR 97210.
Store Hours: 6am to 10pm.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Saint Honore Bakery

Move over faraway made to Locally Grown Organics.

Dear Friend,
   It's late afternoon. Maybe you're driving home from work or a long day studying for your degree or maybe you have groceries in the car. Maybe you just picked up your kids from school. They are in a decent mood -- but it won't last long. Not long enough to bring everything and everyone inside. Certainly not long enough to keep them happy until dinner has been made. It's not that they are cranky... it's just been a long day when that happens, it's time for a treat. I know just the place. You east on to Thurman avenue past The Dragon Fly Coffee Shop, past the Front Food Co-operative Grocery and then it doesn't take long before the kids recognize what is happening and get excited. Their faces light up as they begin to list their favorite flavors; chocolate, raisins and the mini raspberry croissants, a mini version of our croissants but this one is filled with raspberry jam. Another cries out for Almond Friand, A little butterfly Almond cake. Already the mood has gotten to the point that you start to plan as you pull into the parking space. It doesn't take long to all the kids to unload to scamper on to the bakery while you pull your key from the ignition. Once inside, you feel the baking ambience of fresh made breads, pastries and cookies constantly being made lining up a row of deliciousness before you. The one True delight of children young and old who know that one sneak bite provides relief and a taste of home. Just what people are saying is: "Once I walk into the front door St Honore Boulangerie, I'm greeted with many temptations." Another Says. "As soon as you walk into St Honore you just can't help but feel charmed by the French feel that includes small floral details balanced by tile and wood."

And Finally from theMaster Baker himself says.

"The Pacific Northwest has so much bounty here and we are committed to using sustainable ingredients in all pastries and breads. I've came from Normandy but I am still living up to my family's high standards- at least when it comes to baking." ~ Dominique.

Click on this MENU to enjoy.
Your Kids and your inner self will thank you.
See you on the sweet side.


St Honore Boulangerie

2335 NW Thurman St. Portland, OR 97210
Open 6:30am-8pm Daily.

Friday, November 3, 2017

The Dragonfly Coffee House

Experience the iridescence that flows though the windows reflecting off the various of soothing coffee and chocolate brews being concocted there. It's self created illusions clarifies into the realities of life.  You'll soon discover the unmasked version of your real self, removing doubts in freein' one's inhibitions. The ambience is always great, the conversations is always pleasant, and soothing. Studies show that those that drink coffee, chocolate and engage with others tends to out live those that don't. Not to mention raging reviews from those the visit. Please stop by before your craving moment runs out.  This place lets you live life - moment to moment without regrets like the great Dragonfly this place represents:! 2387 NW Thurman Street. Portland, OR 97210 Phone: 503-224-7888.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

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