Thursday, November 9, 2017

Saint Honore Bakery

Move over faraway made to Locally Grown Organics.

Dear Friend,
   It's late afternoon. Maybe you're driving home from work or a long day studying for your degree or maybe you have groceries in the car. Maybe you just picked up your kids from school. They are in a decent mood -- but it won't last long. Not long enough to bring everything and everyone inside. Certainly not long enough to keep them happy until dinner has been made. It's not that they are cranky... it's just been a long day when that happens, it's time for a treat. I know just the place. You east on to Thurman avenue past The Dragon Fly Coffee Shop, past the Front Food Co-operative Grocery and then it doesn't take long before the kids recognize what is happening and get excited. Their faces light up as they begin to list their favorite flavors; chocolate, raisins and the mini raspberry croissants, a mini version of our croissants but this one is filled with raspberry jam. Another cries out for Almond Friand, A little butterfly Almond cake. Already the mood has gotten to the point that you start to plan as you pull into the parking space. It doesn't take long to all the kids to unload to scamper on to the bakery while you pull your key from the ignition. Once inside, you feel the baking ambience of fresh made breads, pastries and cookies constantly being made lining up a row of deliciousness before you. The one True delight of children young and old who know that one sneak bite provides relief and a taste of home. Just what people are saying is: "Once I walk into the front door St Honore Boulangerie, I'm greeted with many temptations." Another Says. "As soon as you walk into St Honore you just can't help but feel charmed by the French feel that includes small floral details balanced by tile and wood."

And Finally from theMaster Baker himself says.

"The Pacific Northwest has so much bounty here and we are committed to using sustainable ingredients in all pastries and breads. I've came from Normandy but I am still living up to my family's high standards- at least when it comes to baking." ~ Dominique.

Click on this MENU to enjoy.
Your Kids and your inner self will thank you.
See you on the sweet side.


St Honore Boulangerie

2335 NW Thurman St. Portland, OR 97210
Open 6:30am-8pm Daily.

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