Monday, January 24, 2011


(10/12/2010 8:34pm)
Mr Darin Myman, CEO
PeopleString Corporation
Suite 109
157 Broad Street
Red Bank NJ 07701

Dear Mr Myman,

I' d like to thank you and your team for such vision in the creation of PeopleString. Carrying PeopleString from just a Self-Destructible Email,and now a whole new concept. Sharing revenues of interactions on the web including Social networking, linking with other social sites involving internet games like My Mad Millions and linking up of thousands of people and keeping track of all the transactions accurately is awesome. Not to mention the meteoric rise from private obscurity and now becoming a public company with US Alexa rating at 888 pretty much reaching the top within a time frame of 1 year is again is exemplary. Thanks to you and your team for such fantastic accomplishments.
Now that being said, there are a few weaknesses that should be resolved to help maintain or expedite the company's momentum in to the future.

1. Downloading my blog or publishing it to the site is too Slow.
It takes 2-7 minutes depending on the amount of graphics and links. The more links & graphics , the more longer it takes. the longest is about 10 minutes. Blogger or is instant pretty much all the time 1-2 seconds. I love the graphic to html convertibility that PS offers but there must be some way to speed it up. When it is loading I can't acess the PS site. I have to minimalize it and out out side of " the control panel" to multi task, probably losing some PS site traffic.

2. Deleting Email is too slow.
I have to double click its subject line to bring up the letter and then delete . AOL & Google's gmail use boxes. 1 box per email. Just check the box or boxes and then delete. It takes 1/10 the time using this direct delete box method. I love that Trackable , Recallable Destructible features & use it regularly, but there has to be some way to speed up this deletion process.

3. Payment is Lagging.
The Balance should reflect payment. When the balance exceeds, in this case $25.00 + on the 1 or 15th of the month. The amount removed should immediately show up in the email stating that it has been deposited in either Alert Pay or bank account or a Check is on the way. This 1 week or 2 delay is disheartening especially to new stringers. They join because of the immediate tally of earnings and some become inactive &/or quit when they don't see the immediate gratification of a check or cash reflecting the change in balance. There must be a way to do a back office down load so not to affect the customers present balance until the account amount is reconciled. For those accounts that are unreconcilable for some reason, should be allowed their balances to continue to grow until those issues are resolved. Customer Service should be allowed to Email the Customer Stringer directly of what the exact issues are or links so it can be resolved going forward.

4.PeopleString name -Too Long Too Narrow.
Are you on PeopleString Yet ...or... Are you on the String yet? As you know, Initially String was referred to gain control of your Email box meaning that you the sender can put time limits or recall or correct the mail that has been send rather than have the control on the recieving end; In other words you have a string on it.. Now when people think about the String or PeopleString. They think about the people they invited to the Social Network, or Their Reward Gaming network or now the Product Division network. The name PeopleString, describes only one type of string. There are many types, uses, and description of strings here: Many of us are "living on a string" referring to economic Austerity; Many of us are being "strung out" refers to one's energy elasticity of being stretched to the end of one's ability. Finally the String theory basically a sophisticated mathematical formula explaining seemingly different theories in physic & chemistry as one. So are you on the String yet ?

I hope you can put these thoughts into consideration in the advancement of PeopleString into the Future.

Best Regards,

3021 NE 72nd Drive Suite 9-146
Vancouver WA 98661 USA

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