Saturday, January 15, 2011

All into ONE (Insta-Portal)

Have you ever thought that when you sign on to your computer a home page appears and it has all the general stuff you Don't like to see?... Wouldn't it be nice to get only the HIGHLIGHTS that YOU REALLY LIKE TO SEE from various sites and pages and bring it all into ONE PAGE? Just focusing on the feeds you want to your FaceBook feed, your Twitter feed, & News feeds specific to you?. This portal can take in multiple sites or "Snippets" of what YOU WANT TO SEE onto ONE PAGE, putting YOU IN CHARGE in seeing everything you like SIMULTANEOUSLY. This is a New Proprietory Patented technology that has never used before until NOW. We are the only ones that hold the patent. So REGISTER HERE and Enjoy your own FREE unique portal to the Internet world. No obligations No worries. Live ONLY in the world that YOU CREATE TODAY.

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