Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What is PeopleString?

PeopleString Corporation

PeopleString is an interactive social portal and social affiliate program founded in January 2009. Public since 2010 (OTCBB:PLPE), the company has developed and operates an interactive social portal that features a multi-tiered affiliate program, sharing revenue generated by the company with its users. The PeopleString Portal consists of PeopleString's InstaPortal technology, interactive social network, cash back shopping, pay-to-watch videos, affiliate offers aggregated on the site, as well as self-destructing and re-callable email services.

PeopleString is the first social network sharing its revenue with active members for doing things online they already do every day.[1]


The company's InstaPortal technology allows users to crop the pieces of their favorite website onto their own customizable PeopleString homepage. The PeopleString Social Portal allows users to organize their favorite sites and pieces of those sites as tabs, bookmarks or InstaPortal previews.[2]

PeopleString Corporation's PeopleDeals product allows users to instantly create their own social application to attract and retain new customers and leverage their "Social Connections". Offers can be sent via email, SMS, Social Networks and extra incentives and savings can be exchanged for customers opting in for email, SMS and Facebook.

Business Model

PeopleString shares the revenues it generates from online advertising, shopping and product sales with its members. PeopleString also provides financial incentives for users to create a personal affiliate network by referring friends and businesses to PeopleString. The network created generates income for the member each time users in the affiliate network earn money.

PeopleString.com shares revenue generated from advertising and marketing affiliations with its "active users". Active users consist of members who have registered and logged into their respective accounts within the previous 90 days.

In addition to PeopleString's free member accounts, the company offers upgraded premium services available for purchase by members and includes such features as web development and email contact manager services.

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