Monday, April 25, 2011

Share It Up - PeopleDeals?

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PeopleDeals Beta is a social coupon-sharing platform released by PeopleString Corporation that features 'shareItUp' technology. 1
Business Model
Using the 'shareItUp platform, PeopleDeals provides businesses with a fully customizable dashboard to push out deals to new customers. PeopleDeals provides businesses with marketing tools that allow them to customize and control presentation of their coupons. Merchants can tailor deals and discounts that fit their needs in real time. Merchants can cap the price at which a deal increases to and have the option of offering several deals at once. [2]
PeopleDeals features 'shareItUp' technology, which offers users increasing discounts the more the offer is shared within a social network. PeopleDeals uses social networks to allow businesses to connect directly with consumers. It rewards customer loyalty by offering increasing discounts.
PeopleDeals leverages geolocation technology to provide consumers the most relevant and current deals in the area. A stand-alone web portal, PeopleDeals offers Facebook and mobile applications on the iPhone and Android operating systems.


^ Business Wire, February 22, 2011, "[1]"
^ Beacon Equity, April 7, 2011 "[2]"

Parent Company: PLPE PeopleString Story

PeopleDeals is all revealed in this "Secret Sauce" which will be revealed on April 26th 2011. There is nothing like it out there.

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