Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why PeopleDeals?

Peopledeals offer huge discounts on products and services through partnerships with local merchants. PeopleDeals produce wonders for local small businesses that need foot traffic. Traditional online advertising isn’t nearly as effective as social buying platforms for getting people to visit local storefronts. For approximately the same price as a decent-sized online advertising campaign, a PeopleDeals site will feature your business’s deal offering on their website and notify local email subscribers. With many of these online services boasting readership in the millions, they can literally flood your store with hundreds to thousands of new customers within a single day or two. Moreover, PeopleDeals only charge you when sales are generated. So not only will this promotional tool earn a bucket load of cash flow and new customers for you, but you’ll only have to pay when real results are obtained for your business. A pay per sale model combined with a powerful distribution system, time-sensitive discounts, and social media based user referral incentives make PeopleDeals a hands down winner for most local business owners seeking to gain new customers and elevate sales.

1. Instantly acquire new customers
– For budding small businesses that are starved for clients, PeopleDeals are the most effective solution to acquiring new customers. Groupon and others like it can send you hoards of deal crazed consumers for you to convert into long-term customers. Your return on investment (ROI), in terms of getting new customer in the door, is unmatched compared to other advertising options.

2. Quickly generate cash flow
– PeopleDeals can generate sales in the tens of thousands for some business owners. If a merchant sold 10,000 vouchers at $10 each (50%), that’s $50,000 in cash flow that was raised in just a matter of a few days. No other advertising model rivals this cash injection flow into a business.

3. No upfront costs
– PeopleDeals utilize a Cost Per Share CPS) model to generate revenue which means business owners prepay only $50 minimum minus 40cents per sale/customer with 20% account replenishment reminder. Retrieve unused balance at anytime! In contrast to traditional cost per thousand impressions (CPM) or cost per click (CPC) advertising fees, a cost per sale charge ensures that you only pay when a sale is generated for your business. Barring unauthorized purchases or any refunds that buyers submit to the deal site, your advertising expenses produce real results in terms of customer acquisitions and the production of sales.

4. Measurable results
– Companies can spend millions of dollars on local radio, television, print, and online advertising campaigns and never see any clear increase in offline sales, let alone any change in traffic to their local stores. Vouchers require that the customers visit your storefront in order to redeem them. When they do this, you can easily track the profits and expenses for each voucher sale that’s generated. Before that however, you’ll already know exactly how many people received your deal offer in their inbox, how many people opened it, and the number of people that purchased it.

5. Increase offline visitor traffic
– Previously, the resources available to convert online sales into foot traffic for local store owners was limited to gift cards and simple coupons. The conversion rates of the latter are quite poor and without a discount, gift cards don’t fair much better when it comes to getting customers into stores. Social buying sites on the other hand represent a very efficient way for merchants to push traffic into local storefronts and acquire new customers.

6. Gain Facebook & Twitter followers
– People love businesses that offer deals to their customers and they’re more willing to hit that “Like” or “Follow” button on Facebook and Twitter because of it. Business owners have reported that their Facebook fans and Twitter followers have increased after being featured on PeopleDeals.

7. Minimal time commitment
– PeopleDeals do nearly everything for you. Your time commitment upfront is limited to gathering a few images and creating some text copy regarding the limitations of your deal offer. PeopleDeals employs nearly one hundred full-time writers to ensure your featured deal pops off the page and it creates quite a buzz for your establishment. In comparison, effective online advertising requires a much larger investment of time to create the ads, complete the necessary keyword research, and setup conversion tracking.

8. Incredible business exposure
– PeopleDeals have thousands of email subscribers and they get just as website visitors each month. They distribute your deal offering to local site members that then retweet and share your deal throughout the Web. Since you only pay when a sale is generated you’re essentially getting free advertising to boot and lots of more buzz for your business.

9. Highly desirable customer demographic
– The average user of PeopleDeals tend to be educated females with money to spend that are socially active both online and offline. If you’re a local business owner that utilizes PeopleDeals this means that those new customers possess a great potential to return to your establishment and share their experience with their friends.

10. Reduce your advertising budget
– The primary goal for advertising is to acquire new customers for your business. PeopleDeals is much more effective at this than traditional advertising channels. By redirecting your company’s advertising budget to offer a group deal via "Social Amplification" instead of traditional local ads allows you to spend less on advertising and still acquire more customers.

PeopleDeals vs Groupon

Groupon demands its merchants to cut retail price to 50% then collects the money and pay back the merchant one half and keeps the other half.

PeopleDeals allows the Merchant to decide on the initial discount and increment further discount* as customers share deals with their social networks bringing in more sales and still only charges a flat rate of 40 cents per share with maximum of 10 on going coupon campaigns or just a one time $599/life membeship(as long as the Merchant & PeopleDeals are in business)

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*PeopleDeals has the BEST live telephone customer support to help you set up a discount tier sequence or "share it Up" customer incentive to maximize traffic to your type of business! Questions? Contact Us!:via

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