Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Online Weight Loss Challenge is On Tues July 20th 2010

Another year has past by; for some it was great year and for many it was a challenging year. Here at Healthy Living Home Business we strive to encourage healthy and prosperous living. I am sure many of you have gained weight over the holidays and have set out goals in the New Year to lose those extra pounds and to strive for prosperity. Today I welcome you to watch a free exercise video, read a couple of articles about foods that help you lose weight and to register for the Online Weight Loss Challenge class. This class consists of 30 minutes per week for 8 weeks of nutritional food exercises, and diet information presented in a fun and entertaining manner. Lose BIG pounds and Win BIG $$$ absolutely free. The $29 registration fee contributes solely for the jackpot winnings. The class / webinars start Tues. July 20th, 2010 8:00pm ET(GMT-4).Listen 1-218-862-3871 Code 7293 Signup Today.

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First Watch:
Bonus: to ca$h in on Reading.
Gas $avings Rebate
Wishing you the best in the "Online Weight Loss Challenge."

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